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Illuminate PR was launched by Joanne Macklin in 2019. It was created from the combination of experience she had built up having worked for many years at the heart of global asset management organisations and their decision making processes, and subsequently supporting clients through consultancy and freelance PR.  

The experience of being embedded within the cogs of an organisation, combined with looking from the outside in as a supporting expert in consultancy, has given Illuminate PR a unique vantage point of truly seeing things from the client's point of view.

Taking this perspective means that  everything we undertake is done in the spirit of what the client would want.  This is the foundation that Illuminate PR is built upon. 



Director, Illuminate PR


Joanne Macklin founded Illuminate PR following the successful leap to working for herself in 2017.  With a fast growing client base in financial services, Joanne decided to take the business to the next level, and so Illuminate PR was launched.

Joanne began her career in PR in 1999 and has over two decades of experience. She spent 16 years in corporate communications and media relations in leading asset management companies J.P.Morgan and Fidelity International, working through multiple rebrands, business mergers, product launches, fund launches and working across the organisation to deliver results alongside senior management, sales, public affairs, compliance and product development teams.

In 2015, Joanne took her career in a different direction, joining a specialist pensions and investment PR and marketing agency where she worked with multiple clients including industry bodies, administrators, independent trustees, communications specialists and employee benefits consultants.

Joanne has extensive PR and communications experience in financial services, investment platforms and tools, pensions, fund management and well-being and financial wellness employee benefits strategies.  

Illuminate PR is the culmination of the next stage of Joanne's aim to fulfil the need for a PR consultancy that offers a totally tailored approach which truly sees things from the client's perspective.